The calm after the storm

Premium Cannabis Products in an Unique & Safe Ecology Friendly Aeroponic Environment

Stress and anxiety affect many of us as we struggle with work and family pressures, and the nagging sense that life may be running out of control

ICM Air is produced through air and passion – in a controlled peaceful environment. We surely can’t control what life throws at us, but we all serve to escape the hectic everyday life, avoid the tornado of whirling thoughts and find peaceful moments.

A breath of fresh Air

Health plants in an unique aeroponic environment

ICM Air products are produced using an unique aeroponic method. Growing plants aeroponically is safe and ecologically beneficial for growing healthy and natural plants.

Some of the major advantages of its aeroponic approach:

95 times less
water consumption…

…10 times less
energy used
than traditional

Considerably less
risk for plant diseases

Over hundred of SOPs
(standard operating procedures)
in plance to ensure consistency and safety at every stage of the
production processes

100% of ICM Air products
are sent out to a
third-party testing facility
to ensure quality and health
standards are met.


ICM Air K-ORANGE is an indica-dominant hybrid dried flower variety from a cross of Californian ” Grand Daddy Purple ” and Dutch ” Orange Bud ” subsequently optimized with Spanish ”Kritical Bilbo”. The flowers are a dark olive green, with orange pistils, all frosted with white crystallized trichomes.

Its range of terpenes is rich in citrus ” Skunky ” and diffuses a citrus scent.

Dried flowers

3,5 g



ICM Air ALTO is an indica-dominant hybrid dried flower variety offering ‘Critical Orange Punch’ vigor. The flowers of this product are dense, dark green, with orange pistils and evenly frosted with white crystallized trichomes.

Its range of citrus terpenes ” Skunky ” diffuses a lemony scent.

Dried flowers

3,5 g



ICM Air Q10 is a sativa-dominant hybrid dried flower variety that is the result of a cross between a Brazilian ‘Super Skunk’ and one from South India. Flower inflorescences are dense, light green flowers display fine golden hues.

A range of pronounced terpenes is offering aromas composed of pine and citrus notes with undertones of grapes.

Dried flowers

3,5 g



ICM Air PRIME is a sativa-dominant hybrid dried flower variety offering ‘White Shark’ properties. The flowers in this product are airy, bright green, and display fine golden hues.

Its range of terpenes combines both woody notes of pine and intense citrus.

Dried flowers

3,5 g



ICM Air MIXTO is a blend of dried flowers from balanced hybrid phenotypes. The flowers, dressed in light green going to olive green, express subtle golden or orange hues.

Its range of fine terpenes sometimes offers subtle aromas of pine, sometimes lemon notes and fruity nuances.

Dried flowers

28 g



                          Packaging and format

ICM Air’s eco-friendly packaging is designed to preserve product quality, consumer safety and environmental sustainability.

For optimal conservation, ICM Air packaging is designed for dry products storage and manufactured with recyclable materials.

Jar developed with an unique waterproof barrier ring valve

Recyclable material

”Secure Sack” Pouch

Moisture control solution to preserve flowers freshness (Exclusive to Mixto 28g and K-Orange 3,5 g)

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